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Centro Medico UMA is here to help you achieve your health objectives, whether that means just getting you out of your pain, improving flexibility, stability, coordination, strength and helping your body to reach optimum levels of health and wellness. 


The first visit

The first visit usually takes about 45 minutes and includes the visit with the orthopaedic, an electromyography exam, and the visit with your chiropractor.

After the first exams, we will have all the necessary information to understand best how to help you. If more exams are required at this point, we will let you know.


Orthopaedic visit

The first part of the visit is a control visit with one of our orthopaedic doctors. During this visit, a medical history will be taken, and a history of your current complaint.

This visit is very important as it enables us to collect all the necessary information in order to provide you with the best care possible.


Chiropractic visit

The visit begins with an open conversation with the chiropractor about the reason for your visit, in order to understand how to provide the best care for you.



For this part of the visit, the patient will need to get undressed, please remember to wear appropriate underwear, or under clothes in which you will feel comfortable. (leggings, gym shorts etc.)


Chiropractic exam 

In this part of the exam, using a number of tests, we will be able to understand how your nervous system is functioning and controlling the rest of your body, especially your musculoskeletal system. This will allow us to find out the best way to help your body get back into equilibrium.

Any other exams required at this stage if necessary, such as x-rays or MRI, will be recommended after this visit.


Using a computer programme, we will evaluate your posture, and how this could be contributing to your condition.


This exam will show us how the muscles of the spine are functioning, and whether or not they are in balance. This allows us to better understand where there may be irritation to your nervous system occurring.


After the first visit, we will have all of the necessary information to understand your problem better. In some cases, other exams will be requested if necessary.

Your chiropractor will explain the next steps of the process, and book in the report of findings visit.


Second visit: Report of findings

During the second visit, we will fully explain the results of the exams to you, and explain what is happening with your health.

Alongside this, we will explain what chiropractic care consists of, and how it can help us towards better health. We will outline to you the best programme of treatment in order to get the best possible results relating to your health, lifestyle and personal objectives.

If chiropractic care is not indicated for your care, we will be able to understand this, and suggest the best possible next step in order for your to get the help and care that you need.