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Centro Medico UMA 

Corso Venezia 8, Milano, 20121

Our story

The center was founded in 1994 by Jean Pierre Meersseman, considered one of the most important chiropractors in the world. The center has grown over the years thanks to the fruitful teamwork of Dr. Meersseman along with numerous specialists in different disciplines.



What are you waiting for?


Centro Medico UMA is here to help you achieve your health objectives, whether that means just getting you out of your pain, improving flexibility, stability, coordination, strength and helping your body to reach optimum levels of health and wellness. 


Do you know what is causing your symptoms?


Herniated disc

Chiropractic for children

Back pain


Athletes and sport

Chiropractic for the elderly


He who has health, has hope. And who has hope has everything!